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°•Need more Power!•°

♔ O°o•Yami•o°O ♔
External Services:
  • yami_no_cosmos@livejournal.com

Name>.:.♔ Yami ♔
Appearance>.:.Short blonde hair.:.blue-green eyes.:.
Often hangs at>.:.Livejournal.:.Dragonslair.:.CT.:.IOS.:.

Favorite Game right now>.:.Starcraft 2 - Nightmare
Favorite Games of all times>.:.Resident Evil.:.SMT.:.Devil May Cry.:.Tekken.:.Left4Dead.:.Starcraft.:.
Favorite Horror Movie>.:.House on the haunted hill
Favorite Zombie Movie>.:.Shaun of the Dead

Yami is obsessed with Zombies and does belive that the Zombie Apocalypse is near..
Do not like? Do not friend her.. <3

"I know you are here because I can smell your brain" - Unknown

~Cute spider by amillionblinks

Yami is a true cosplayer and makes all of her costumes by herself.
She has been cosplaying for 15 years and is always looking for new characters.
For her Cosplay is NOT a hobby.

~♥ It's a lifestyle ♥~

Yami also LOVES •Yu-Gi-Oh tradingcardgame

2010 she decided to play with a Lily/OTK/burn deck which placed her at Top 30.
In 2009 she did compete with a deck including Beast King Barbaros and came Top 20.
At the swedish championship 2008 she came at 20th place. And 2007 she came in 10th place.
She often spends time at DL that is a cardstore here in sweden were she joins weekly tournaments against other YGO pro's.

Since she started playing YGO TCG in 2005 she was been playing at EVERY
*Swedish National Championship*. And her highest rank is 10th place :)

Lotz of love to: senbonzakura77 Who made all the Wolverine graphics at my livejornal!

HEADER: senbonzakura77
USERINFO BANNER: senbonzakura77
FRIENDS ONLY BANNER: senbonzakura77
MAIN WOLVERINE ICON: senbonzakura77

Stylesheet by refuted